FMS provide state of the art validated critical alarm and temperature monitoring systems from the world’s leading suppliers. These systems can be either hard- wired, wireless or a hybrid wired/wireless combination to provide the most robust monitoring with minimum disruption. Real-time and historic data are available 24/7 are available at multiple on-site locations and remotely via your web-browser.

Local alarms are typically notified via computer, flashing beacons and audible alarms. Out of hours remote alarms can be notified by any combination of auto-dialler, SMS text message, email and on-line via your web-browser or dedicated secure login. Reports can be generated either automatically or simply created on demand.

All of our monitoring systems accept other types of sensor inputs in addition to temperature. These most commonly include: relative humidity, pressure, particle counts, volatile organic compounds and door open/closed contacts.

We provide the complete service from assessing your requirements, assisting with preparation of the User Requirement Specification, supply, installation, testing, commissioning and final validation. Subsequent calibration and servicing is covered by our support package options which can include extended warranty.

Industry Sectors

Every industry includes operations that demand cleanroom or controlled
environments. That’s where FMS’ expertise delivers.

Pharma & Life Science Cleanrooms and testing

Assisted Conception Units

Laboratory & Research


Blood & Tissue

Industrial Cleanrooms & Controlled Environments





Temperature Controlled Environments

Food & Beverage Industries

“Many industry sectors require their business partners to be certified to confirm competency. Our BS EN ISO 9001:2015 and UKAS ISO 17025 certifications signify compliance with the rigorous requirements detailed in the standard and makes FMS the obvious choice to deliver these critical services”

STEVE WAKE, Managing Director


A comprehensive range of industry leading monitoring solutions from TSI and ViGIE

Industry Sectors

Monitoring solutions and expertise for controlled environments in all industries.


Extensive range of bespoke contracts and services for all ‘clean air’ environment applications.

UKAS Accreditation

Rigorous certification of FMS competency and compliance to reassure our customers.

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