Airborne Particle Counter & Monitoring System Products

Thanks to our expertise and the way we collaborate with our customers, we quickly identify the optimum airborne particle monitoring systems and solutions by taking into account all special circumstances. That’s how we provide the right products from our extensive range of TSI airborne particle counters, environmental and cleanroom monitoring systems and accessories from TSI and ViGIE, all backed up by FMS’s exemplary levels of service and our customer support infrastructure that covers the UK and Ireland.

AeroTrak 9306 handheld particle counter

TSI Handheld
Particle Counters

AeroTrak+ A100 airborne particle counter

TSI Portable
Particle Counters

TSI remote particle counters

TSI Remote
Particle Counters

Monitoring Systems
from TSI & ViGIE

FMS Decontamination
Gassing Valve


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