We provide a broad range of accessories to suit all particle counting and monitoring applications. Accessories include FMS’ 3-way gassing isolation valve for VHP decontamination applications, compatible add-ons to particle counter products, Active Air Sampler (AAS) products for continuous monitoring, upgrades for monitoring software suites as well as screens, displays, indicator beacons, data loggers and other equipment from our trusted business partners.


Our Accessories

Thanks to direct collaboration with our customers, we quickly identify optimum solutions with all special circumstances taken into account. That’s how we deploy our extensive expertise effectively to provide the very best systems.

AeroTrak+ Remote
Active Air Sampler

Active Air Sampler

FMS Decontamination
Gassing Valve

Pressure Display

Exor Screen - FMS

Exor Screens

Room Pressure Monitors

Alarm Indicators

Transport Data Loggers