The Airo transport sensor and data logger system from FMS offers highly accurate temperature, humidity and motion records for critical consignments. Unlike other data loggers, the Airo range automatically downloads critical information to the ViGIE VMS software using RF technology, removing the need for manual intervention to retrieve data. Both static and in-transit records can be viewed in the VMS software to make data interrogation and reporting simple.


System features include:

  • Communicate transparently (no pairing needed) with any available Airo receiver to easily create a wide area network
  • Range up to 100m with standard version in open space
  • Range up to 600m with (extended version in open space
  • Easy to clean PC-ABS surface
  • Highly compact, accurate and robust
  • Logging parameters include temperature, humidity and motion
  • Indoor, outdoor and in-transit radio receivers available
  • Ultra-low power consumption
  • Up to 10 years battery life
  • 15,000 events stored in internal memory
  • 100% data delivery guaranteed