Exor Screens


Customisable monitors from Industrial Automation specialist Exor allows you to view any data you wish – or as much data as you like – from TSI’s FMS5 environmental monitoring system. Exor screens interface with FMS using the Open Platform Communications United Architecture (OPC UA) protocol. The FMS5 system runs OPC UA server as a standard feature. It provides a seamless way to exchange FMS data and timely process information to devices across your entire network



Whatever information is most relevant or critical to you and your operation, you can quickly customise the display of an intelligent Exor monitor to show that data. And you can configure the monitor to display other information and metrics that you need to keep an eye on. It is a premium HMI solution.

Exor screens work with the OPC UA protocol, allowing you to interface quickly and conveniently with the FMS5 Facility Monitoring System from TSI. FMS includes OPC UA server as standard, making the link between the monitoring system and display screens seamless.

You might choose to position an Exor screen in Grade C or D controlled areas or in access corridors. You can even put them in Grade A manufacturing locations. In fact, anywhere you need to monitor immediate and highly visible information and critical real-time data, that’s the place for an Exor screen. You can display data from any or all of the FMS sensors across your facility or limit it to the critical few. Or have those critical points displayed larger. With Exor customisable screens, it’s up to you.



  • Works with TSI FMS5 across OPC UA protocols
  • Real-time cleanroom area monitoring
  • For information displays in access ways and corridors





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