Society Support.

Viable and non-viable particles

To continue to support and engage with the industries where our specialist products, services and expertise make a difference, we’re updating our memberships and adding new ones to selected societies.

Society memberships let us contribute not only to the conversation in an industry but to share our knowledge and the wisdom gained from years of hands-on experience in cleanrooms and contamination control. That’s good for everyone.

Four of the societies we have joined are firmly in the pharmaceutical sector, where cleanrooms are widely used in sterile and aseptic research, testing and manufacturing applications. But we’re now part of CCN (the Contamination Control Network) that reaches well beyond pharma installations; and we’re also members of ADS with its distinct focus on (as its initials imply) the aerospace, defence and security sectors.

In addition, with our new physical presence in Ireland, VMSL is a member of the Irish Cleanroom Society.

Look out for more strategic memberships coming along soon. We’re determined to be a useful part of the communities that support our customers’ markets and interests. Societies help us to achieve exactly that.

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