Congratulations to our former sister company on its new ownership structure.

On behalf of everyone here at FMS, I would like to convey our sincere congratulations to Validair Diamond Scientific as the company becomes part of T-SQUARED.

I must seize this opportunity to make it clear that FMS (Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd) is and remains an independent company, which is unaffected by the acquisition of Validair Diamond Scientific by T-SQUARED. Nonetheless, as our former sister company, we wish Validair Diamond Scientific every success in the future.

For further clarity, the team and all business interests here at FMS in the UK and in Ireland left the Validair Group at the end of May 2023 to become a private independent company. We chose to leave the Validair name behind and rebrand as FMS to better reflect the broader range of industry sectors that we now serve.

You can read more about that rebrand and renewed focus for us as a market-leading equipment and solutions supplier here.

By Steve Wake. Managing Director, Facility Monitoring Systems Ltd.

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